Class of 1978

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Moreland, Tony Michael
Northwest Georgia High School

52 West Creek Drive
Trenton, Georgia  30752

Georgia Probation Services, Inc.

I have been married to my classmate, Dori (Slack) Moreland, since 1979. We have 8 children, ranging in age from 32 years to 7 months, and 2 grandchildren. After high school, I spent 6 years in the Army, worked as a deputy sheriff, a police officer and a game warden all over the state of Georgia. Dori and I both worked our way through college and in 1994 we returned home and I became the co-owner and CEO of Georgia Probation Services, Inc. Dori and I have fostered and adopted several children and this has become our life's work and ministry. In 2013 we founded Savannah's Canopy, a ministry to help foster, adoptive, and at risk children, the parents that adopt or foster them and the birth parents of those children.

Smith, Patrick (Chico)
Northwest Georgia High School

Trenton, Georgia  30752

Radio Personality
ESPN Radio 

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