Vision, Beliefs, and Mission

  • Vision

    The vision of the Dade County Schools is to serve students through quality leadership and educational opportunities that will challenge and inspire them to become life-long learners who can succeed in a changing society.  


    • Learning is a life-long process and every individual has the potential to learn.
    • Schools help students develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, vocationally, and physically.
    • Student achievement is the responsibility of the school, student, family and community and it is enhanced through parental and community support.
    • Educators are accountable for providing quality instruction which directly affects the level of learning and is measurable through academic achievement.
    • High expectations yield greater student achievement, which should be recognized and rewarded.
    • Educators teach and model values in their interaction within the school and community and have the responsibility to be positive role models.


    The Dade County School System will ensure that students have the opportunity to become independent, hard-working, life-long learners capable of succeeding in a changing society through:

         Dedicated teachers and staff
         Community and parent commitment
         Safe and orderly environments
         Strong leadership committed to excellence