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  • Character Word: Goals
    Week 21 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What are your goals for your future?

    • Monday - Goals are plans that you create in an aspiration to achieve success. - Madison Rhoden, DCHS
    • Tuesday - The goals I set for myself are the stepping stones to my future. - Abby Moore, DCHS
    • Wednesday - If you aren't making progress on your goals, its easy to lose hope for ever finishing.  Progress is key. - Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Thursday - Goals: something we strive to achieve!  We want to do our best to get to the place we want to be, but no one said getting there would be easy.  It comes with with its fair share of twists and turns, but just make the best out of it.  I know you will get there, kiddo! - Coop Lumpkin, DHCS
    • Friday - It can be difficult to find your purpose, but it can be easier if you make goals for yourself.  These goals can be big or small, it just has to be something that will help you grow as a person. - Abby Moore, DCHS

    Character Word:  Values
    Week 20 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean for a person to have values?

    • Monday - Women wouldn't be able to vote without those who held the value that both genders were equal. - Arianna Clayton, DMS
    • Tuesday - Values are a set of moral standards that define the expectations that I have for myself. - Madison Rhoden, DMS
    • Wednesday - What I value is what will happen.  If I value succeeding, then I'll make it. - Abby Moore, DCHS
    • Thursday - If you don't value your work, who will? - Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Friday - No matter what is going on, know that there is value in you.  Keep going! - Coop Lumpkin, DCHS

    Character Word:  Vision
    Week 19 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean to be a visionary person?

    • Monday - Do you ever think about your future?  Your life beyond the present?  I think that you have.  A vision is a dream you spend time thinking about what you want to do once you get to adulthood. - Arianna Clayton, DMS
    • Tuesday - My dream is to be an author.  That is my vision for my future. - Alannah Gray, DMS
    • Wednesday - A vision is an idea about what you think things could be like in the future if you reach out, and if you try it. - Anna Ballard, DMS
    • Thursday - Vision?  Mrs. Bell says that it's a picture of where you want your life to be in the future. - Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Friday - Stay true to what you want in life.  Focus on your vision and how you will achieve it. - Madison Rhoden, DCHS

    Character Word: Honest
    Week 18 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean to be honest?

    • Monday - I would rather be hurt with the truth than continue living a lie. - Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Tuesday - No one has ever made up success. - Abby Moore, DCHS
    • Wednesday - You can't lie yoru way out of life. - Coop Lumpkin, DCHS
    • Thursday - Truth is the salt water to which everything returns. - Karen Zheng, DCHS
    • To be honest means you tell the truth.  Lilian Baker, DMS

    Character Word: Fairness
    Week 17 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean to be fair?

    • Monday - Justice should come by fairness, not status.  Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Tuesday - The world has not always been fair for me, but that doesn't mean I won't work for my accomplishments.  Abby Moore, DCHS
    • Wednesday - The world is not a fair place.  That's why people work to make it better and that's the beauty of the human condition.  Karen Zheng, DCHS
    • Thursday - Just because life's not fair doesn't mean we should stop striving for justice.  Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Friday - Fairness is the catalyst for equality and prosperity. Madison Rhoden, DCHS

    Character Word: Generosity
    Week 16 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mena to be a generous person?

    • Monday - Generosity plays a big part in my life from gofts to art, sometimes food.  I will give anything to people who need it more than me. Coop Lumpkin, DCHS
    • Tuesday - I'd rather be remembered by the people I helped than the things I had. Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Wednesday - There's a lot to be said about those who give generously when they have little themselves.  Abby Moore, DCHS
    • Thursday - Giving is not about a return investment. Karen Zheng, DCHS
    • The act of giving is more important than the gift.  Julian Ramirez de Arellano, DMS

    Character Word: Character
    Week 15 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean to be a personof character?

    • Monday - A person’s character may not be the first thing you notice, but it’s the last thing you forget. Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Tuesday - Our character is defined by how we act when we think no one is watching. Madison Rhoden, DCHS
    • Wednesday - Character is giving someone the last slice of pizza. Karen Zheng, DCHS
    • Thursday - My character is important because it defines me. I am beyond what society tells me to be. Arianna Clayton, DMS
    • Friday - One person that shows character is my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Gordy. She helped me with my Reading assignments on the website called Wonders when I would struggle. If Mrs. Gordy had 3 million dollars and didn’t have a job she would still give it all away if she knew it would help others. Mrs. Gordy is an amazing person and she really cares about everyone. Lillian Baker, DMS

    Character Word: Ethics
    Week 14 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean to be an ethical person?

    • Monday - Wise leaders are ethical.  Anna Ballard, DMS
    • Tuesday - Generosity, fairness, honesty and justice are all traits found in an ethical leader.  Arianna Clayton, DMS
    • Wednesday - Ethics.  Your moral code.  Your "compass." Your sense of right and wrong.  Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Thursday - Ethics: rules by which wise leaders live.  Ruth Pack, DMS
    • Friday - Ethics are decisions between right and wrong.  Sidney Jones, DMS

    Character Word: Drug-Free/Physical Fitness
    Week 13 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean to be drug-free and physically fit?

    • Monday - I've controlled my fitness, and I've kept my body drug-free.  Abby Moore, DCHS
    • Tuesday - There are two completely different paths you can choose from: choosing to do drugs or not.  Madison Rhoden, DCHS
    • Wednesday - It is important that you control yourself in all areas.  Arianna Clayton, DMS
    • Thursday - I try my best to control myself.  Coop Lumpkin, DCHS
    • Friday - Self-control is an essential virtue that will help you in every aspect of life.  Anna Ballard, DMS

    Character Word: Manners
    Week 12 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): Why are manners important?

    • Monday - Being polite will get you farther than the other way around.  Coop Lumpkin, DCHS
    • Tuesday - "Yes, Ma'm" and "No, Sir" tend to say a lot about a person's character.  Abby Moore, DCHS
    • Wednesday - A person's true character can be seen by how they treat the wait staff at restaurants.  Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Thursday - Nice and respectful people may become our next leaders because they have manners and grew their friendships.  Eli Barron, DMS
    • Friday - Your manners and how you treat people identify more about you than any item you own.  Madison Rhoden, DCHS

    Character Word: Grooming
    Week 11 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): Is grooming important?

    • Monday - I'm stressed, a mess, but still well-dressed.  Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Tuesday - It's important to keep yourself well-groomed.  Eli Barron, DMS
    • Wednesday - Your physical appearance is a representation fo your character.  Madison Rhoden, DCHS
    • Thursday - My momma never let me go to the store in pajamas.  Abby Moore, DCHS
    • Friday - Groom yourself into a good person.  Arianna Clayton, DMS

    Character Word: Punctuality
    Week 10 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean to be punctual?

    • Monday - Punctuality means being on time.  Landen Childress, DMS
    • Tuesday - Mrs. Haston, our chorus teacher, always tells us to get to our performances on Haston time.  That means we should be 15 minutes early.  Alannah Gray, DMS
    • Wednesday - Being late leads you down the path of failure.  Ruth Pack, DMS
    • Thursday - Being punctual isn't just being on time.  It also means being reliable to be at the right place at the right time for the right reason.  Eli Barron, DMS
    • Friday - Punctuality: report time in band means always be there 5 minutes early.  Makaela Chance, DMS

    Character Word: Self-Control
    Week 9 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean to have self-control?

    • Monday - Self-control could be not eating an entire box of Blueberry Pop-Tarts or not getting into a gian argument when someone said Tony Stark might die in Infinity War. (I'm in denial.)  Kaitlyn Hedden, DCHS
    • Tuesday - Self-control means to control your actions, thoughts, and your mouth.  Makaela Chance, DMS
    • Wednesday - Controlling your inner thoughts and emotions is as important as controller your outer emotions.  Julian Ramirez de Arellano, DMS
    • Thursday - To have self-control means to be able to hold back the urge to do something you know you shouldn't do.  Eli Barron, DMS
    • Friday - Anger is hard to overcome.  That is why we need self-control.  If we have it, that means we are able to calm down or hold ourselves back when angry.  Alannah Gray, DMS

    Character Word: Faithfulness
    Week 8 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does it mean to be faithful?

    • Monday - Faithfulness is staying true and keeping your word.  Maddie Cuzzort, DMS
    • Tuesday - We are pressured to be like everybody else, but we should be faithful to who we are and let our personality shine.  Alannah Gray, DMS
    • Wednesday - The geyser at Yellowstone is called Old Faithful.  It's constant.  A good friend is always constant, and always faithful.  Anna Ballard, DMS
    • Thursday - Stay faithful.  It may seem that there is no hope, but there is.  You just need to keep looking.  Landen Childress, DMS
    • Friday - Be faithful to yourself and stand behind your beliefs.  Sidney Jones, DMS

    Character Word: Stability
    Week 7 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What is stability and how does it relate to learning?

    • Monday - Do you turn in your homework on time, do your chores regularly, and remember your responsibilities?  These are ways of having stability.  Alannah Gray, DMS
    • Tuesday - Stability is a virtue that all wise leaders have and use daily.  Anna Ballard, DMS
    • Wednesday - I have the characteristic of stability.  My family and friends can rely or depend on me.  Maddie Cuzzort, DMS
    • Thursday - Someone with stability in life is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.  Alannah Gray, DMS
    • Friday - Reliable.  Constant.  Dependable.  These are the words that balance stability.  Ruth Pack, DMS

    Character Word: Time-Management
    Week 6 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): How does time-management increase knowledge?

    • Monday - Life is short.  Time management makes it possible for me to fulfill the opportunities given daily.  Abby Moore, 12th Grade DCHS
    • Tuesday - When you love what you do, time isn't really a factor.  Karen Zheng, 12th Grade DCHS
    • Wednesday - Time management is the structure of life.  It determines how you will spend your day and the tasks you achieve.  Madison Rhoden, 12th Grade DCHS
    • Thursday - Time is slipping through my fingers between color guard and school work.  But, at the end of the day I know I've spent my time wisely.  Coop Lumpkin, 9th Grade DCHS
    • Friday - The practice, the extra work, that pop quiz...if you want to do it, you are a seeker of knowledge.  Julian Ramirez de Arellano, 6th Grade DMS

    Character Word: Engagement
    Week 5 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What does engagement look like in a learning environment?

    • Monday - Engagement ignites the sparks of learning, allowing an interest and a drive to obtain knowledge.  Abby Moore, 12th Grade DCHS
    • Tuesday - Being engaged in your work is like being engaged while watching a movie.  If you're not watching, then you'll have no clue as to what is going on.  Coop Lumpkin, 9th Grade DCHS
    • Wednesday - Engagement is the act of outwardly involving yourself.  It sparks thoughtful conversation and new knowledge.  Madison Rhoden, 12th Grade DCHS
    • Thursday - We live in a busy world where focus is constantly divided.  It's hard to give your time to any one thing.  But, when you do, all the things - especially the little ones - around you are mroe clear such as the subtle change in tone of the song, the crinkles around a smile, or the depth of an inhale.  With engagement, the world becomes much smaller, but in the same way, it become much bigger.  Karen Zheng, 12th Grade DCHS
    • Friday - You are never truly done learning.  So, get out into the world and learn something!  I promise you'll be surprised by what you don't know.  Kaitlyn Hedden, 10th Grade DCHS

    Character Word: Learning
    Week 4 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): How can I increase my knowledge through learning?

    • Monday - Knowledge is kind of like Legos; you have to build up what you learn in order to build up the pathway to your future.  Legos are fun and knowledge can be too.  So build up your pathways!  Coop Lumpkin, 9th Grade DCHS
    • Tuesday - Srive to be a seeker of knowledge.  Arianna Clayton, 8th Grade DMS
    • Wednesday - I sought how to work a problem, and I got it in the end!  I was seeking knowledge.  You can seek knowledge, too.  Anna Ballard, 7th Grade DMS
    • Thursday - To change the world, you first must KNOW how it works.  Kaitlyn Hedden, 10th Grade DCHS
    • Friday - Wise and appreciated figures are people who constantly seek to learn.  Julian Ramirez de Arellano, 6th Grade DMS

    Character Word: Speaking
    Week 3 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): How does speaking relate to increasing knowledge?

    • Monday - Do not boast about your knowledge, but share it with those who need it.  Arianna Clayton, 8th Grade DMS
    • Tuesday - Great leaders seek knowledge.  Kaitlyn Hedding, 10th Grade DCHS
    • Wednesday - One day I had a problem with a paper that was due very soon!  I tried to write it several times, but not one thing seemed to work!  I decided to seek counsel from my parents, especially my mom because she went to college and wrote several papers.  I waited on her to get home from work so I could ask her face-toface.  She wsa able to help me understand how my paper needed to be written.  Lillian Baker, 6th Grade DMS
    • Thursday - Knowledge is the most important thing a person can own.  It gives independence and success.  Abby Moore, 12th Grade DCHS
    • Friday - Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and dicerning if they hold their tongues.  King Solomon

    Character Word: Listening
    Week 2 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): How does listening relate to increasing knowledge?

    • Monday - To receive knowledge you have to be a seeker of knowledge.  You have to listen, engage, and ask questions.  My brother, for example, is a seeker of knowledge.  Last year he was having trouble with a class.  He was reluctant at first, but he went to get help from the teacher, and then he did great in that class!  So, to have knowledge, you have to seek it.  Sidney Jones, 8th Grade DMS
    • Tuesday - Don't be afraid to ask questions about big things like life, or even about something small like, "I don't understand this math problem." Anna Ballard, 7th Grade DMS
    • Wednesday - I love learning.  Acquiring new knowledge, learning facts, finding information, and finding out how things work has always intrigued me.  I love finding out all I can.  Kaitlyn Hedden, 10th Grade DCHS
    • Thursday - You can't progress in life without knowledge.  It's the foundation of simple conversations.  It propels science, inspires art, and challenges the common notion.  Karen Zheng, 12th Grade DCHS
    • Friday - If you were given a choice, would you go to school?  Why?  If you said yes - because you want to learn - then you are a knowledge seeker.  Alannah Gray, 8th Grade DMS

    Character Word: Knowledge
    Week 1 Quotes - Essential Question (EQ): What is knowledge?

    • Monday - Do you know what knowledge is?  Well, to me it's having simple abilities for life.  It doesn't mean being the next Albert Einstein.  Sidney Jones, 8th Grade DMS
    • Tuesday - Knowledge cam be boring.  But, it pays off in the end.  Coop Lumpkin, 9th Grade DCHS
    • Wednesday - In life everyone has knowledge.  Whether is is useful knowledge or useless knowledge, we all have it.  According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, knowledge is a group of information learned by study or experience.  Do you seek knowledge?  Alannah Gray, 8th Grade DMS
    • Thursday - Who is a seeker of knowledge?  That is a very good question.  A seeker of knowledge is one who seeks out knowledge and searches for answers to their questions, for they are curious about all there is to know.  Arianna Clayton, 8th Grade DMS
    • Friday - I seek knowledge every day at my school.  When I don't understand what my teachers told me, I raise my hand and ask what they meant.  Anna Ballard, 7th Grade DMS