• Spanish I Syllabus 2020-2021

    Dade County High School

    Spanish I

    Ms. Tammy Stevens

    Email Address: tammystevens@dadecs.org





    This is a beginning course in Spanish intended for students with no previous knowledge of the Spanish language. This course is entirely based on the Georgia Standards in Foreign Language Education which encompasses the instruction of communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities. It involves the instruction of the grammar necessary to prepare students to effectively communicate by listening, speaking, reading, and writing.



    1. Students will come to class on time.
    2. Students will be prepared for class with the required materials and supplies.
    3. Students will actively participate in all class activities and classroom assignments.
    4. Students will treat each other and the instructor with respect at all times.
    5. No cell phones. If students have  cell phones during class time, I will place the phone into the “cell jail” where they will remain until the bell  ends the class period.  


     COURSE REQUIREMENTS: All students are required to have in class daily:

    1. Paper with pen or pencil. 
    2. Folder (for daily classwork) 
    3. School issued Chromebook



    Assessments will be administered  through Paper exams, APEX learning and Google classroom. Students will have daily grades and quiz grades each week. Daily grades will come from but not limited to class participation, board work, book work, worksheets, Duolingo, google classroom and APEX activities.

    Re-Test Policy - 

    Students may retest no more than 3 times over the course in the subject area

    Students must complete remediation activities BEFORE a retest.

    Highest grade assigned on a retest is 80%.


    Extra Credit Assignments: No extra credit assignments will be given. 


     DISCIPLINE: The school wide discipline, tardy, and truancy rules will be enforced at all times. Please refer to Dade County High School Policies.


    TEACHER CONTACT INFORMATION: Please feel free to contact me with any concerns, comments and/or questions at my email address: tammystevens@dadecs.org I am also available by appointment for meetings.  

     Nunca es tarde para aprender. It never is late for learning. (It is never too late to learn.)