Tips & Tricks 2020

  • Tips & Tricks 2020

    Here's some new Tips & Tricks for the 2020-2021 School Year:

    • Etrieve Replaces eForms - eForms has been the school system's electronic documents platform for several years.  We have upgraded to the new Etrieve platform.  Read through this tutorial to learn how to properly log in and how to make sure that you are set up properly in the system.  If you have any issues, please submit a Technology Help Ticket for assistance.
    • Teacher Websites - This document includes a set of instructions that was sent out back when we first moved to the Blackboard web hosting.
    • Hardware Acceleration - Fix the green pixelated screen when viewing a Youtube video in Google Chrome.
    • Basic Chromebook Assistance - Things to look at before you send a Chromebook in for assistance.
    • To Stream or Not To Stream - Disney+? Netflix?  Is it legal to stream them at school.
    • Document Conversions Between Office,, and Google Docs - Steps to convert between the different platforms available to Dade County teachers.  Also, a BONUS .pdf section.
    • HEIC Files - What are HEIC files and how to I convert them to the good old JPG format?
    • Do Not Disturb - Why are you not getting any phone calls on the new phone in your room?