Parent Mentor

  • Deidre Stewart
    Deidre Stewart
    Parent Mentor for Special Education

    Hello! I am Deidre Stewart and I am the Special Education Parent Mentor for Dade County Schools. This is my first year as Parent Mentor and I’m excited about getting to know you.

    WHAT is a Parent Mentor?     

    A Parent Mentor is a parent of a child with a disability who also has professional experience supporting families.  A Parent Mentor supports parents, students, and professionals to improve outcomes for students. I have 3 amazing girls, one who has special needs. Professionally, I was a pediatric nurse for over 15 years.

    WHO do I help?

    I am a resource for parents of all students who receive special education services in Dade County.  I also support teachers and administrators in understanding parents’ perspectives, improving communication, and planning opportunities for family engagement. 

    HOW can I help you?

    I provide one-on-one assistance, resources, training, and opportunities for families to connect with other families. I realize that every family is unique, and the type of support I provide will depend on what your family needs.  

    Some of the topics I can help with include:

    • Understanding the IEP process & advocating for your student’s success
    • Communicating with teachers, case managers, and administrators
    • Preparing for an IEP meeting
    • Teaching your student to self-advocate & talking to your student about his/her disability
    • Finding and accessing resources/attend doctor appointments
    • Applying for programs to pay for health care and community supports
    • Preparing for Transition from high school  

    And that’s just a few!  If you have a question about anything at all (disability-related), I will either have an answer, find the answer, or connect you with someone who does.  Ask! 

    HOW do you contact me?

    Easy!  Call/text or email me. You can also ask your teacher to email me with your phone number/email, and I will reach out to you. I look forward to hearing from you!

    If you would like to be added to my email list, simply email me at with your name and email address.