Maintenance Issues

  • I have a maintenance issue... what do I do?

    Maintenance Work Ticket System Procedures

    1. Submit a maintenance work ticket/order with as much detail as possible, including a description of the issue and the exact location of the problem. Submitting a photo of the problem is recommended.
    2.  When the work ticket is received, the originator will receive an E-mail notification of the submission. 
    3. The work ticket is reviewed and assigned to a maintenance craft technician. Work tickets are assigned and responded to according to the priority of the issue. Multiple work tickets for the same location will be assigned when possible for convenience.. 
    4. The technician will report to the job location, assess the problem and make the needed repairs. At times, parts/supplies will need to be ordered to complete the job. Should this happen, the maintenance technician will respond via E-mail through the work ticket system to communicate this to the originator of the work ticket to ensure proper and timely communication.
    5. Once the work has been completed, the ticket will be closed and an E-mail notification will be sent to the originator.