About Our House System

  • Learning From Our Past ... Preparing For Our Future

  • Learning From Our Past ... Preparing For Our Future

    Darters  Panthers

    Wildcats  Yellow Jackets

  • We are Dade Middle School!

     “Celebrating our past, preparing for our future”......and with that, we knew we were on the right track. Those words, penned
    DMS Technology and Engineering teacher Wil Martin, sum up the idea behind the renovation of the DMS House System.

    The House System has been in place for several years at DMS, and although effective in some ways, under the direction and leadership of new principal Dr. Sandra Spivey, along with input from the DMS Staff, the House Committee decided to revamp the system to incorporate several initiatives that are already in place along with some upcoming ones, and to get more buy-in from students that would result in better attendance, better grades, better behavior, and more school spirit.

    After several meetings that featured some spirited conversations during which a slew of ideas for House names were bandied about, the idea of paying homage to our Dade County Schools’ history was brought forth. The obvious idea was to see if there were enough mascots throughout our history that we could use for the four houses. After some discussion along with some selfless research by Mr. Martin,  it was decided that the House names would be the Panthers, Wildcats, Yellowjackets, and Darters.

    For anyone that may not know, and it was very interesting listening to some of this history that some of us had never heard before, the Panthers name pays homage to the North Dade Panthers (1949-1975).

    The Wildcats name and the Yellowjackets name come from the Dade County Wildcats (1949-1975) and the Davis Yellow Jackets (1961-1975) before the merger when Dade County became the Wolverines in 1975 under the name Norwest Georgia High School. That school eventually led to Dade County High School in 1995.

    The Darters name comes from, what we believe to be, the first Dade County mascot found in several editions of the Dade County Times from 1935.

    These four Houses will all fall under the umbrella of the Head of the Household, the Wolverines  which will embody the idea that although we are competing, we are all one body. The heritage of all four houses will be shared with the student body with the hope that they will take more ownership and pride in their own house as well as the system in general.

    Students, as well as staff,  will be inducted into a House during the House sorting ceremony at the beginning of the school year. Once in a House, students will be given the opportunity to select a club that they would like to be a part of.  All four houses will be represented equally within these clubs with competitions taking place for students to earn points for their House. There will be a 1st nine weeks winning House, 2nd nine weeks winning House, 3rd nine weeks winning House, and a Grand Champion named at the end of the year with a trip to Lake Winnepesauka as the grand prize for the overall winning House.

    In conclusion, and to repeat what has already been stated, it is the hope of the DMS House Committee that this venture will result in the aforementioned benefits: better grades, better attendance, better behavior, and more school spirit. We look forward with great anticipation to the 2018-2019 school year by celebrating our past while looking forward to our future!