A picture of Mr. A and his class
  • Welcome to Mr. A's Science Page! Mr. Amendolare teaches freshman environmental science as well as physical science and biology. He attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Harvard University, and he is now in his ninth year of teaching. He has a particular passion for climate-change education and project-based learning. You can contact Mr. A by using the email address listed on the syllabus below.


    Mr. A's 2020-2021 Syllabus

    Teacher: Mr. Nicholas Amendolare          nickamendolare@dadecs.org          Ext. 22321

    Course Objective:  Learn all you can, every day!

    Essential Materials:

    1. A composition notebook (provided by Mr. A) 
    2. A Chromebook
    3. Headphones
    4. Pens or pencils

    Class Format: The first half of each class will be teacher-led and will focus on the study of COVID-19 and other current biology topics. The middle of class will include a 5-10 minute intermission and bathroom break. The second half of class will be computer-based using APEX Learning.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Be safe.          2. Work hard.          3. Be kind.

    Masks:  Masks are recommended during class and required when in the hallways.

    Digital Learning: All computer-based assignments and homework assignments will be online. They will be posted on Google Classroom but will be completed using the APEX Learning platform.


    Cumulative Grade: Daily grades/homework/projects = 40% and tests and quizzes = 60%

    Final Grade: Cumulative Grade = 80% and Final Exam = 20%