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Breaking News for Seniors!!!

*Due to spring ACT/SAT testing being cancelled when some seniors planned on taking the exams at this time in hopes of raising their scores for college acceptance purposes, all University System of Georgia Public Colleges are waiving the ACT/SAT requirement for acceptance for Summer and Fall of 2020. The University of Georgia and Georgia Institute of Technology have already finalized their freshmen class for 2020, but all other public USG colleges are still available. If you previously applied to a college in Georgia and weren't accepted primarily bc of your ACT/SAT score not being high enough, please call the college back and ask them to reconsider your application for admittance based on your high school GPA! This would include schools such as Dalton State, Kennesaw State, etc.

*If you plan to attend Georgia Northwestern Technical College this Fall, please email me what you plan on going for, if you've already applied and been accepted, and give me an idea of your financial need situation. They would like to provide one scholarship to a student who has been accepted and knows they will be attending in the fall.
*Don't forget to apply for the local scholarships! If you need to print them off and don't have access to a printer, drop by the high school Monday - Wednesday and someone will be there for you to print them. I haven't had many people emailing to ask for their GPA, class rank, a copy of their high school transcript, etc., and I know the local scholarships ask for these things. Please take care of this and make sure you have emailed at least 3 teachers asking for letters of recommendation as well!
*The Better Business Bureau regional scholarship has extended their deadline until May 1st, 2020, so you have more time to work on this. They award multiple scholarships each year. It is listed on the website under the 'regional scholarships' section. I anticipate some of the other local scholarships may extend their deadlines as well and will let you know if so. 
*If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy your weekend and we miss you guys!!
Amanda Clark, Counselor
Dade County High School